Activities of Carina Geldhauser

Conferences I organized, projects I started, and more....

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Workshop organization

Schools, workshops and conferences are important components in the scientific life. During my time as a Klaus Murmann undergraduate fellow at Foundation of German Business
, I had the opportunity to not only attend interdisciplinary workshops, but also to plan and implement one on our own. So already in 2007, I organized my first scientific event, on biotechnology, targeted to undergraduate students of our scholarship programme. Many others followed, some of which I tell you more about below.

Mathematics communication

To foster the understanding of mathematics in society and to show the beauty of mathematics to others, I joined the IMAGINARY project as an occasional freelancer, when my time and work contract situation permits. IMAGINARY is a non-profit organisation for interactive and open mathematics, initiated at the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach in Germany. It develops software for the visualization of mathematics and hosts a platform, where e.g. events and exhibits are stored.

Meet me at....

EWM German Chapter Conference , MPI Leipzig, Oct 28-30, 2019

Czech Academy of Sciences" , Prague, Sept 25-27, 2019

Universite de Lavall, August 2019

Columbia University, July/August 2019

Workshop "Women in PDEs@Vienna, June 17-19, 2019

Recent conferences I organized, and other activities

Maths schools and Conferences

On the right are some schools and conferences I organised in the last years.

Combinatorial Stochastic Processes, Hanoi

Ngoc Tran and me organized a two-week spring school in Hanoi on Combinatorial Stochastic Processes. It took place at the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Studies in Mathematics from March 7 to 18, 2016. Find out more here:

Stochastic Processes and Applications, Ulanbaatar

Andreas Kyprianou and Tsogzolmaa Saizmaa came up with the idea of a summer school in Stochastic Analysis back in 2012. I became a part of the team in 2014. The school took place from August 7 to 18, 2015. Find out more about the biggest maths event in Mongolia after the fall of the Soviet Union here: . Materials and Slides from the courses can be found here:

Mathematics communication, education and popularization

On the right are some activities I'd like you to know about.

Study Group With Industry

In summer 2015 I organized a Study Group at a German manufacturing company. Our team used simulated annealing to find a more efficient distribution of individual components in the company's warehouse. We predict a 15-20 percent reduction in picking times. The company will implement our proposed distribution in the forthcoming months and we will hopefully know more on the experimental results in 6-8 months.

Science Slam

I've been presenting recent research on image inpainting at the First Mathe Slam at the University of Bonn in April 2016, and at the Science Slam at Pantheon Theatre Hall Bonn in January 2013, where I won the first prize.

IMAGINARY - open mathematics

IMAGINARY is an open source organization, hosting the platform, and a network for interactive and participative mathematics communication. I'm a proud member of the IMAGINARY team, taking care about our Berlin conference in July this year.


On the right are some more activities I'd like you to know about.

Studies Without Borders

In 2003, when the war in Chechnya had barely calmed down, Studies Without Borders launched scholarship programme for students from the Northern Caucasus Region, first in Paris, France, then in Tuebingen, Germany. Our scholarship programme has won the 2011's Rector's award for extraordinary achievement of a student organization. I've been an active member at Studies Without borders since 2009 and was responsible for the Chechnya scholarship programme from 2011 to 2014. Read my reportage on Chechnya here. Studies Without Borders is currently looking for voluntary translators from Russian to English or German. Please contact me!