Researcher in Applied Mathematics

The University of Sheffield
School of Mathematics and Statistics
office: Hicks Building G37, Hounsfield Road
Sheffield S3 7RH, UK

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I am currently a Lecturer in Applied Probability at the School of Mathematics and Statistics of the The University of Sheffield. Before joining The University of Sheffield, I worked at the Chair of Applied Analysis at TU Dresden, and at Chebychev Laboratory of St. Petersburg State University, on a joint appointment with the Faculty for Mathematics and Mechanics as postdoc of Stanislav Smirnov.

I got my Ph.D. from University of Bonn, where my research was supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research via a Klaus Murmann graduate fellowship, and by the Bonn International Graduate School for Mathematics.

My research and scientific education is strongly connected to Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and University of Pisa. My last longer stay was a postdoc in the Stochastic Analysis group.

Research Outline

My research deals with phenomena arising in physics and image processing. To solve the questions arising there, I use tools from applied analysis, partial differential equations and probability theory. My goal is to capture the qualitative and quantitative behavior of solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations, which can be perturbed by noise. For more details, please see my Research page.

You can find my preprints on the servers of Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory in Pisa and

My work is also linked on my publications page, where also supplementary data to some papers is available.

Apart from Maths...

...I do care a great deal about equal opportunities in academia. What I mean with this and why it is not (only) about women in maths you can read on my Unconscious bias 101 page.

I am passionate about maths communication and occasionally talk at Science Slams. I highly recommend the IMAGINARY project as an excellent platform for mathematics communication and visualisation.

I volunteered for many years at Studies Without Borders, among other duties coordinating their scholarship programme for students from the Northern Caucasus Region. The programme has won the 2011's Rector's award for extraordinary achievement of a student organization. Read my reportage on Chechnya here.

Updates and Activities

On the right are some (infrequent) updates about my activities, both in maths and elsewhere. For more frequent research updates, see my research page

. For more details and recent talks or conferences I attended, see Activities

Sept 2018

I was elected deputy member of the Standing committee of European Women in Mathematics. Many thanks to all present EWM members for your trust and confidence.

Oct 2017

Conducted a training on student selection and unconscious bias for volunteers involved in the selection process of new scholarship holders at Studieren Ohne Grenzen e.V.

March 7-19, 2016

Co-organized the DAAD Spring School Combinatorial Stochastic Processes in Hanoi, Vietnam. Conducted tutorial sessions

July 27-August 7, 2015

Co-organized the summer school and workshop Stochastic Analysis and Applications Mongolia 2015

June 2015

Organized a science meets industry workshop at a German manufacturer. Our team used simulated annealing to find a more efficient distribution of individual components in the company's warehouse. We predict a 15-20 percent reduction in picking times. The company will implement our proposed distribution in the forthcoming months and we will hopefully know more on the experimental results in 6-8 months.